Quality, Service, Reliability

The mission and core philosophy of the Bike Alert Group is to offer the most innovative and competitive product lines, supported by full availability and service to all professionals in the motorcycle industry.

In the Greek market the group operates through its subsidiary Bike Alert Hellas SA, which is fully set up at all levels of operation to enable the best possible service of the professional repairer. With a staff of over 40 people – an experienced sales team, highly trained store managers and order takers, a suite of accounting personnel, fully staffed logistics and distribution centres plus staff in various supporting roles-- we have the necessary resources to not only provide excellent service and manage the commercial activities of the Greek market, but to also handle the group’s exports to customers in East and South Europe. Thus, giving Bike Alert’s Greek subsidiary a special status, and bringing with it added value to our country and prospects for further development that spreads to the Greek economy in general.

Through our main distribution centre on Athinon Avenue and branch in Koukaki, both of which maintain stock across the range of brands we offer, we cover the distribution and delivery of goods to the entire Attic Peninsula and, via transport companies and couriers, the rest of Greece. With an ever-growing fleet of vehicles - 4 transport vans, 7 cargo motorcycles, 5 scooters and 3 passenger cars – we aim to offer quick, efficient, and reliable delivery as we remain committed to offering the best possible service to the motorcycle industry professional.

Both of our company’s locations are fully equipped to handle and answer all kinds of enquiries about products or services we offer, as well take your orders. Our coordinated operational procedures ensure immediate delivery, at any time, to any location.

Our extensive and ever-increasing range of world-renowned brands include: Hiflofiltro, JT Sprockets, JT Chain, JT Braking, DID Chain, BS Battery, Ferodo, NGK, ABUS, Bando, K&N, YSS, OSRAM, Malossi, Renthal, Bitubo, RMS και Lightech amongst others.



Brief History of the Bike Alert Group

Our core focus is to provide high-quality motorcycle parts at reasonable prices.

In creating JT Sprockets in 1985, we introduced the world's first C45 high-carbon steel sprocket to the aftermarket. With other aftermarket brands still using a mild steel, the difference in durability was remarkable. As such, JT quickly became the best-selling aftermarket sprocket worldwide, and has always been available at a competitive price.

In 1997 we introduced our second home-grown brand, Hiflofiltro, a full range of high-quality oil filters for all motorcycles. Made using only the best materials, our mission was to meet or exceed OEM filter specifications. Once this quality was achieved, the entire range was submitted to Germany's TÜV certification body for approval, and each filter was tested against the OEM filter it would replace. Hiflofiltro became the first — and is still the only — motorcycle oil filter to achieve TÜV approval. It is now established as the world's number one aftermarket oil filter, and is supplied to major OEM and private brands.

We now supply major distributors in over 70 countries from our 65,500 sq ft facility in Dartford, UK, and our 64,500 sq ft facility in Atlanta, USA, holding over 3 million oil filters, 500,000 air filters, and 800,000 sprockets in stock at any given time. In addition to supplying our own products, we are an official UK distributor for D.I.D Chain, BS Batteries, and Vee Rubber tyres, continuing the tradition of quality products at reasonable prices.

  • 1985

    Chris Boyiantzeas starts production of JT Sprockets in Thailand and establishes a partnership with Susan Marsh in London to distribute the product to the UK and European markets.

  • 1990

    Bike Alert PLC is registered in the UK and operations move to larger premises in south London.

  • 1992

    Bike Alert Inc USA is incorporated (100% subsidiary of Bike Alert PLC, UK) in USA and starts distribution of JT Sprockets based in Los Angeles California.

  • 1995

    Bike Alert INC USA relocates to Atlanta Georgia, USA.


    Production of Hiflofiltro oil filters begins.

  • 1997

    Achieved TUV south Germany homologation for Hiflofiltro oil filters.


    Hiflofiltro oil filters introduced to UK and European markets.


    Bike Alert PLC moves to larger, 25,000sq.ft freehold premises in south London.

  • 2001

    Production of Hiflofiltro air filters begins.

  • 2009

    Bike Alert INC USA moves to its present 64,500sq.ft freehold facility in Lithia Springs, Atlanta Georgia.

  • 2012

    Bike Alert PLC moves to its present 65,500sq.ft freehold facility at Dartford, Kent.

  • 2014

    Portfolio expanded to include BS Batteries for the UK and select European markets.

  • 2017

    Portfolio is further expanded to include DID motorcycle chain and JT Drive Belts and JT rubber cushioned (OEM type) front sprockets.