Ferodo brake pads

Ferodo was founded in 1897 in Great Britain and began manufacturing friction materials in 1901 and in particular brake materials. Covering numerous of applications, with flexibility in design and production, as well as attention to high and stable performance, Ferodo has managed to build a wide range of products covering all types of motorcycles.

Below you can find information about the available FERODO pads imported and distributed by BIKEALERT - ALEXOPOULOS LTD:


Ferodo's new entry-level brake pads, called Eco Friction, was designed specifically for small motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. The environmentall friendly combound composition is a result of Ferodo's success to reduce the copper content, which is responsible for environmental pollution, without reducing the braking performance of the motorcycle.


High performance semi - metallic motorcycle brake pads incorporating technology gained from the world racing championships. The combound material has been developed in such a way as to provide a high and stable braking force, while ensuring a longer life. Suitable for all motorcycles requiring minimum use of organic pads.

Basic features:

• High level of friction
• Excellent configuration features.
• Low disc brake wear.
• Consistent performance and long life.
• Suitable for use on ABS motorcycles.

Sinter Grip Road:

High-performance brake pads exclusively for road use.

Basic features:

• High friction coefficient for road motorcycles.
• HH Rated (Highest friction rating).
• Works equally well in wet and dry road conditions.
• Suitable mainly for stainless steel discs.
• Suitable for use on ABS motorcycles

Maxi Scooter Sinter Grip

Metal brake pads specially designed for high performance maxi scooters.

Basic features:

• Short braking distances with excellent brake control.
• Maximum braking on wet road.
• Long life without causing damage to the disc.
• Suitable for use on an ABS scooter.

Off-Road Sinter Grip

Specially designed metal combound for off-road motorcycles, suitable for both dry, wet and muddy conditions.

Basic features:

• Excellent performance and stability throughout the temperature range.
• Designed to work well with the presence of abrasive particles from muddy conditions.
• Excellent paste service life under all conditions.
• Suitable mainly for stainless steel discs.

Sinter Grip Race XRAC

XRACs have been used and tested in high quality and demanding racing for many years. The materials are designed to provide aggressive and instant bite, with high and consistent levels of friction over a range of racing temperatures, speeds and operating conditions. Their unique design provides cooling (AC), which means that the paste operates at lower temperatures than conventional pastes. This keeps the brake fluid at a lower temperature, further extending the life of the paste.

Basic features:

• Offensive and instant bite.
• Excellent resistance to high temperatures.
• Extremely high friction coefficient.

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